Video: Sakura-Con 2017 with Sebastian Masuda 6%DOKIDOKI

On Sunday April 16th,  I had the honour of talking to artist and art director Sebastian Masuda at Sakura-Con in Seattle. Masuda is known for his brand, 6%DOKIDOKI, a popular Harajuku fashion brand from Japan. During this exclusive interview, Masuda touched upon many subject matters leading to his success, such as his appreciation for childhood memories and colours. Through his brand, his passion for and understanding of Harajuku culture is undeniable, but perhaps his devotion to this community and his own artistry can be seen through his understanding of “kawaii” (cute in Japanese). According to Masuda:

“The kawaii concept is not just a concept or fashion idea, it’s more a philosophy a personal philosophy that each person can approach in their own individual way. And if each person takes a different route to get to the centre point they are each going to develop something original and completely new and I think that brings a lot of freedom and a lot of opportunity for happiness as well.”

Masuda also commented on the widely circulated article, early this year, by Quartz titled: “Japan’s wild, creative Harajuku street style is dead. Long live Uniqlo” see the video for his comments on why Harajuku fashion lives.

~ Originally published on: April 21, 2017, The Vancouver Sun Ultra Nerdy blog.